Babes Ride Out

My first collective gallery show, Babes Ride Out, hosted on President's day 2017 was a complete joy. Organizing and participating in this showing was hard work with a purpose. We are excited to continue this all female show throughout the year. It was especially wonderful to show alongside one of my favorite Chicago artists, Sydney Boyle. (

Thank you to all female artists that continue to fight for equality and share their expression. Also, thank you to our sponsor Forbidden Root! 


Here are some photographs from the event by 

Osaka, Japan

This summer, I went on a trip with the human behind The Hugging Man. To check out the video I shot, click the link & hear a pretty rad story. Life is special, life is fragile, and the meaning behind it is one only of love. If you're curious, below are some snaps I took along the way. Japan has my heart. 

Darling Dinners

I recently shot an event for Darling Magazine presented by Lou & Grey. If you're unfamiliar with both, I highly recommend taking a look! 

The host asked some great questions, these two I remember were: 

1) When was the last time you were in a rut? How did you get yourself out?

2) Do you ever find yourself in a place of ingratitude? What do you overlook? 

Maybe another dinner party is in order so I can hear these responses... 

Falling in Love with & in Portland

Took a little vacation to Portland to shoot my dear friend's engagements. I also made some time to explore while I was there too. Here are some of the best places & highlights from our trip: 

  1. You just can't eat bad food in Portland 
  2. Go to Mt. Hood. Just do it. 
  3. Ironically Nike's HQ is also in Portland 
  4. Bijou for Brunch 
  5. They have streetcars. Take them. 
  6. Pine St. Biscuits. Hello. 
  7. Beer. Lots of really, really good beer. 
  8. Imogene + Willie. Jeans, cute shop dog, cool shop chick. 
  9. Beam and Anchor. Dreamy shop, dreamy merch, dreamy everything. 
  10. PALACE where vintage clothing & my apothecary dreams come true. 
  11. Stayed in a Tiny House. It was like Portlandia on acid mixed with Glamping & Childhood forts. 
  12. That PDX carpet, the hype is real, guys.  


As a creative, it happens by force that my creative pursuit bleeds further into different mediums. It's just in our blood. We want to interact with every medium we can get our hands on. I decided to begin sharing some of those (and photos from my life) on this blog. 


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