Falling in Love with & in Portland

Took a little vacation to Portland to shoot my dear friend's engagements. I also made some time to explore while I was there too. Here are some of the best places & highlights from our trip: 

  1. You just can't eat bad food in Portland 
  2. Go to Mt. Hood. Just do it. 
  3. Ironically Nike's HQ is also in Portland 
  4. Bijou for Brunch 
  5. They have streetcars. Take them. 
  6. Pine St. Biscuits. Hello. 
  7. Beer. Lots of really, really good beer. 
  8. Imogene + Willie. Jeans, cute shop dog, cool shop chick. 
  9. Beam and Anchor. Dreamy shop, dreamy merch, dreamy everything. 
  10. PALACE where vintage clothing & my apothecary dreams come true. 
  11. Stayed in a Tiny House. It was like Portlandia on acid mixed with Glamping & Childhood forts. 
  12. That PDX carpet, the hype is real, guys.